ITI Electrician Course

As the name suggests, ITI Electrician trade focuses on various aspects of electricity such as – wiring (residential, commercial and industrial), home appliances, electrical machines, lighting, electrical installations etc. The main aim of this trade is to provide vocational training to candidates and turn them into qualified electricians! The course thus aims at developing a skilled work-force of qualified electricians in India.

Electrician trade trains students in areas such as 

◉   Wiring (residential, commercial and industrial)
◉   Lighting installation (residential, commercial and outdoors)
◉   Insulators
◉   Earthing
◉   Capacitors and electrical circuits
◉   Batteries
◉   Working, servicing and repair of electrical appliances (motors, fans, pumps, home appliances, AC, fridge etc)
◉   Transformers
◉   AC/DC systems